Areas of Expertise

Administrative and Regulatory Law
Bid Tender and Agreements

Expert opinions and practices relating to bid tenders and administrative agreements.

Concession Proceeding and Authorizations

Advisory services in processes for obtainment of concession and authorizations related to matters such as aeronautics and airports, ports, road, telecommunications (fixed telephony, cellular telephony, broadband, subscription TV, satellite, backbones, submarine cables, spectrums, certifications, etc.), among others.

Administrative and Judicial Litigation

Advisory services and operation in administrative proceedings filed by the Regulatory Agencies, Public Administration Agencies and adoption of judicial measures for defense of the interests of assigning, authorizing, granted and authorized companies. Advisory services for defining strategies for working on proceedings filed by the Public Finance Court.

Consulting Services

Consulting services for matters related to the implementation of infrastructure for airports, ports, roads and telecommunications, in all aspects (legislative and operational). Review and expert opinions about normative acts issued by the Regulatory Agencies. Advisory services for companies and investors in tenders to bid brought up for the purposes of concession, permits and leasing of areas for public service exploration.

Banking and Financial Transactions

Expert opinions and advisory services in transactions of the industry, in addition to representation of financial institutions, multilateral agencies in loan transactions and related transactions.

Foreign Capital

Expert opinions and advisory services in matters related to capital entrance in Brazil. Request of authorizations and registration of companies with the Central Bank of Brazil


Review and advisory services for banking agreements, with respective adjustments to regulatory guidelines, as well as assignment of operations linked to FCVS, SFH, Banking Credit Certificates, Mortgage Credits and so on.

External Control and Supervision

Advisory services and operation before external controlling and supervision agencies as the Central Bank, Public Attorney’s Office and SUSEP.

Civil and Consumer Law
Civil Liability 

Expert opinion and litigation practice in cases of contractual and extra contractual civil liability.

Civil and Business Agreements

Distribution and representation, agreement termination, legal remedies in case of breach of contractual obligation, cases related to local commerce, import and export, including search and seizure of goods, mortgage foreclosure and other enforcement proceedings. Litigation prevention and risk assessment, preparation of agreements and instruments of transactions.

Consumer Law

Expert opinions, consulting services and litigation and administrative practice in cases of Consumer’s Rights and liability for products and services.

Competition Law
Acts and Agreements

Analysis of corporate operations and their submission to the relevant competition defense and regulatory authorities, monitoring and work until analysis and approval by CADE. Representation of companies in negotiations and execution of performance commitment. Refutation of notified operations, contrary to competition.

Practices against the Economic Order

AMonitoring, work and consulting services in preliminary investigations and administrative proceedings filed by the competition defense authority. Representation of companies in negotiations and execution of permissiveness agreements and consent decree.

Judicial Litigation

Representation and work on judicial proceedings dealing with matters of competition defense.


Expert opinions and responses to consultations about agreements and competition practices. Preparation of compliance programs.

Electoral Law
Candidancy Registration

Advisory services and monitoring of the entire process for candidates’ participation in elections, making it feasible meeting the conditions of eligibility and avoidance of possible causes of non-eligibility.

Electoral Campaign

Efficiency and effectiveness for defense of client’s interests in the development of his/her activities during the entire electoral process, whether in the offering of representations or in the guarantee of implementation of “rights to response”, essential to maintain his/her reputation in the Brazilian political game.

Prohibited Behavior

Active consulting services for protecting the security of client’s activities, especially when it comes to limits set forth by the electoral legislation (Law No. 9504/97).


Proactive work in relation to advisory services for performance and/or receipt of campaign donations, both by the donating company and in relation to the recipient candidate and/or political party.

Electoral Court

Specialized work on the electoral process, involving all the judging instances, with direct monitoring of the jurisprudence, in the Superior Electoral Court and Federal Supreme Court, making it possible, at all times, the defense of client’s interests, in a consultative or litigious effort.

International Law

Expert opinions and litigation practices in cases involving the application of treaties to the Brazilian territory.

Diplomatic Representations

Advisory services to Foreign Nations, Embassies, Consulates and International Bodies.

International Legislation

Advisory services in relation to proceedings of internalization of treaties into the Brazilian territory.

Comparative Law

Conduction of legal audits and advisory services in cases involving more than one jurisdiction.

Legislative Branch and Institutional Relationships
Legislative Proceedings

Monitoring of legislative proceedings.

Consulting services

Advisory services and intervention in Legislative Bills, Congressional Investigative Commissions and Public Hearings.

Corporate Law

Advisory services to Brazilian and foreign customers undergoing consolidation, merger, spin-off and acquisition of companies, corporate reorganization. Operation structuring, with negotiation and drafting of agreements, as well as their submission to the applicable antitrust and regulatory authorities.

Due diligence

Performance of due diligence and advisory services in the organization of corporate documentation, contracts and so on.

Agreements, Contracts, Minutes and Registration

Drawing up of articles of association, by-laws, amendments, shareholders/quotaholders agreements, minutes of annual partners meetings and shareholders meetings. Registration of companies with federal, state and municipal authorities. Advisory services for officers about routine activities.

Succession Planning

Advisory services in family and succession planning.

Litigation and Arbitration

Consulting services and litigation practices for resolving corporate disputes. Expert opinions in arbitration, mediation and other methods of dispute resolution, including previous assessment and risk analysis.

Business Reorganization and Bankruptcy

AAdvisory services in structuring and monitoring of extrajudicial and court-approved reorganization, as well as bankruptcy proceedings, whether representing the debtor or the creditors.

Concessions Proceeding

Advisory services in proceedings related to obtainment of concessions and authorizations related to fixed telephony, cellular telephony, broadband, subscription TV, satellite, backbones, submarine cables, spectrums, certifications, etc.

Administrative and Legal Proceedings

Advisory services and defense in cases of PADOs filed by ANATEL and adoption of legal measures to protect the interests of concessionaires and authorized companies.

Consulting Services

Consulting services in matters related to implementation of telecommunications infrastructure.

Labor and Immigration
Proceedings in General

Labor claims, legal inquiries, complex lawsuits filed by executives, business agents or self-employed professionals.


Consulting services in relation to the matter, including obtainment of visas.

Voluntary Redundancy Plan

Preparation of policies and guidelines of voluntary redundancy plans and impact assessment.

Collective Negotiations

With workers’ unions in collective bargaining agreements, agreements for overtime offset, hours bank and working shifts, profit share and agreement for dismissal of stable employees.

Tax and Customs
Support to Legal Entities

Expert opinions and consulting services in relation to federal, state and municipal direct and indirect taxes and contributions, social security contributions and customs matters (import, export, customs valuation, antidumping rights), clarifying doubts and offering suggestions for the making of business decisions and for production of evidence in lawsuits.

Foreign Capital 

Tax consulting services to foreign investors and legalization of companies and business in Brazil. Legal advisory services for investments in Brazil.

Tax Planning

Preparation and review of plans intended for tax savings and prevention or reduction of contingencies, both in domestic and offshore transactions, including succession planning. Review and negotiation of agreements in relation to their tax matters.

Administrative Proccedings

Follow-Up of inspections, preparation of defense in relation to Infraction Notices and Notifications, and filing of appeals and oral defenses before Courts and Boards, at federal, state and municipal levels.


Defense of taxpayers in enforcement actions, as well as initiatives against the illegality or unconstitutionality of taxes and contributions and administrative acts, at all levels.

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