Lira Rodrigues, Coutinho e Aragão Advogados is a multidisciplinary law firm composed of lawyers with different and supplementary expertise, supporting its clients in a variety of aspects of the business life. Its partners have decades of experience of law practice, including before Superior Courts, Regulatory Agencies and many other Government Bodies.

The law firm was founded for the purpose of fulfilling demands of clients from a new technical viewpoint, and especially from the viewpoint of the client/attorney relationship. The partners are responsible for the clients’ cases and directly act thereupon (concept of client service boutique).

The law firm provides legal services in several areas related to business activity. Our client portfolio is diversified and international, which requires knowledge in a variety of areas. Our clients include companies in the banking and financial, real estate, environmental, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biotechnological, automotive, aeronautic, maritime and customs, insurance, sports, entertainment, advertisement, information technology and internet, hospitality, press and telecommunications, electric power, oil and gas, foreign trade and natural resources areas.

Moreover, among its clients are also included Sovereign States and International Organizations.

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